Meeting God

Join us on Sunday July 15th @ 9:30AM for the second installment of our summer series “Meeting God.”  Together we will explore what it means to pray and how we can meet God face to face through our prayer lives.  Our text for the morning will be Psalm 5.

Anna Gordon our summer intern from Western Theological Seminary will be preaching while Pastor Debbie is on vacation.  Pastor Debbie will return on July 22 for the third part of our series Meeting God through Worship.

Ruth 4:1-12

This Sunday we welcome our intern Anna Gordon to the pulpit.  Anna is a seminary student from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI.  This week we will be concluding our study of the book of Ruth with Ruth 4:1-12.

Together we will explore how the story of Ruth’s faithfulness to God comes to a close through the marriage of Ruth and Boaz.  When the sandal comes off, and Boaz rightfully takes the land and marries Ruth, we see God’s abundance being given to a family of ordinary people.